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2013 will be the 60th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest. Find out about the historic 1953 expedition and discover what the impact has been on the people and places of the Himalaya region since the route to the top of the mountain was opened to the rest of the world.

Key questions

Where is the Everest region and what is it like?

How was Mount Everest formed?

How was Mount Everest measured?

Who lives in the Everest region?

Who first reached the top of Mount Everest?

Who is working towards a sustainable future?


These factsheets provide background information to each of the key questions. They can be used together with the associated downloadable activities to investigate each area.

Downloadable activities

The downloadable activities used with the associated factsheets can be used in the classroom to investigate each area.


Here are some other interesting Everest themed websites.

  • Everest History: timelines and biographies of past summit attempts on Mount Everest.

  • Mountain Forum: global network of resources and contacts for mountain communities, environments and sustainable development.

  • Mount lots of information about Mount Everest, including links to weather records and forecasts.

  • RGS-IBG Geography Outdoors: can offer advice and assistance in planning expeditions, including those to the Everest region.

  • RGS-IBG Picture Library: information about use of Everest images.

  • Science Update: news and activities on current issues from the Association of Science Education and the Centre for Science Education, Sheffield Hallam University.  Register for activities on Shrinking Everest? - Rocks and weathering.

  • Tourism Concern: works with communities in destination countries to reduce social and environmental problems connected to tourism and with the out-going tourism industry in the UK to find ways of improving tourism so that local benefits are increased.


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Teacher's Notes KS2


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Teacher's Notes KS3/4


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Climbing Mount Everest


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Factsheet: Impacts of tourism in the Everest region


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Factsheet: Measuring Mount Everest


83 KB

Factsheet: Reaching the Top


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Factsheet: The making of Mount Everest


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Factsheet: Tourism in the Everest region


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Factsheet: What is the region around Mount Everest like?


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Factsheet: Where is Mount Everest?


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Factsheet: Who lives in the Everest region? KS2


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Factsheet: Who lives in the Everest region? KS3


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Images of Everest


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Find out more about the images


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Managing the Mount Everest region


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Managing the Mount Everest region (1)


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The Death zone


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The Impact of Tourism


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Views of Everest


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