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We support teaching in the classroom and in the field by providing high quality geographical teaching and learning resources.


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Sinking Cities

In addition to the usual challenges faced, some cities are also under threat from another problem – they are sinking!

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A blueprint for the future

Resources written by the 2023 Rex Walford Award winner, India Owens



This module, comprising of six lessons, or half a term’s work, will focus on Australia


Britain's ageing population

An ageing population will mean pressures on economic development, retirement, health and welfare provision. In light of this, how should Britain move forward?


The future of Venice

Sustaining Venice as a living city for its residents and preserving its rich heritage for future generations of visitors requires careful management and long-term planning


Climate 4 Classrooms

Climate4classrooms provides curriculum linked teaching resources about climate change for pupils


The geography of science

The purpose of this module is to explore some of the links between the disciplines of geography and science through three topical flashpoints: swine flu, earthquakes and climate change


TEMPEST: extreme weather in the UK

TEMPEST is a database of historical weather extremes in the UK. Bring these stories to your classroom with our user guide. 


Fate, luck and fortune

How do we talk about environmental risk? Who do we blame when things go wrong?



This module, comprising of six lessons, or half a term’s work, will focus on Brazil.


Natural resources

Introducing students to the global distribution of natural resources and the international relationships these resources generate



Exploring coasts as dynamic and changing systems


Glaciation and geological timescales

A module focused on glaciers and glaciation, with two of the lessons dealing specifically with aspects of geology and geological time

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