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Climate change is an urgent and potentially catastrophic issue affecting the entire world. Bangladesh is highly vulnerable to climate change, particularly with regard to rising sea levels.

During London Climate Action Week 2019, the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD), working with the Society and the Bangladesh High Commission, hosted two events to share experiences and foster collaboration for addressing and mitigating the impacts of climate change in Bangladesh through effective and engaged research.

Describing the events, Dr Saleemul Huq (Director of ICCCAD), highlighted that Bangladesh is “finding solutions to tackle the global problem of climate change, and can also share its experiential knowledge with the rest of the world going forward”.

Discussions at the events drew attention to the role of educational and research collaborations in addressing global climate problems, especially critical research that engages with the politics of climate change as both a technical problem and a social issue for a range of groups, such as Bangladeshi people living in urban, urban periphery and rural settings, ‘trapped’ populations, and displaced climate migrants. The events called for a more strategic bilateral partnership approach, to guide more effective, equitable and empathetic research, policy and practice around addressing climate change in Bangladesh.

Read more about these events in the following articles written by Dr Huq:

Find more about the work of ICCCAD at, including briefings and resources on a range of topics.


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