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Impact of geography

Explore the impact of geography through our case studies and resources.

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Coastal dune evolution and management

Research has advanced fundamental understanding of the roles of climate change and human activity on coastal dune vegetation disturbance and dune field evolution.

Stopping the poachers: technological solutions for rhino conservation

Low-cost thermal imaging (TI) approaches for anti-poaching operations with front-line rangers in three countries are supporting >85% of rhino in Africa.

Formal protection for South American and African peatlands

Work at the University of Leeds led to the discovery and mapping of previously unknown intact peatlands in both Amazonia and Africa.

New land-management policies and practices following advances in wilderness mapping

Research on spatial modelling of wilderness quality led to the development of a new wilderness quality index set out in the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy.

Rewilding and species reintroductions research

Research is benefitting nature and people by informing the regulation and implementation of species restoration and reintroduction programmes.

Resolving conflict between protected species and infrastructure development

Research combining eDNA surveys with 'risk map' modelling is reducing development impacts on newts.

Sounding Coastal Change

Using arts and social science methods to engage environmental managers, decision makers and the public in climate change.

Mainstreaming net-zero emissions in investment and business strategies

Research has underpinned three principles for climate-conscious investment in the fossil fuel industry.

Human–wildlife interactions and coexistence

Oxford Brookes University has shown that conflicts about wildlife are often the result of different cultural values and priorities, and unequal power relations.

The social, economic and environmental impacts of a Marine Protected Area

Research has informed the new 'whole site approach' for marine policy in the UK.

Transforming time: Understanding climate change and human history using IntCal radiocarbon calibration

Research has converted radiocarbon calibration data into calendar years.

Historic coastal landfill and legacy waste

Research has accelerated awareness of the extent and severity of legacy and future pollution risk of coastal historic landfills.