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How can we teach about environmental problems and solutions in a way that combines knowledge from both human and physical geography?

All the environmental challenges societies face are the product of interactions between social and natural processes, but teaching in geography can remain siloed between ‘physical’ and ‘human’ perspectives.

This webinar addresses how to effectively combine physical and human geography in our teaching about the environment, building on the experiences of two geographers who have taught on several interdisciplinary undergraduate modules. It was hosted by the Energy Geographies Research Group in September 2020.


About the speakers

Professor Stewart Barr (University of Exeter) is a human geographer with expertise in pro-environmental behavioural change and behavioural change policy and governance.

Dr Ewan Woodley (University of Exeter) is a geographer who works at the nexus of physical and human geography. He has research interests in the engagement of publics with climate and environmental issues, particularly around areas of environmental risk and resilience.


Watch the webinar

Featured image: Jonathan Ford/Unsplash