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Impact of geography

Explore the impact of geography through our case studies and resources.

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Changing global political, humanitarian, media and public understanding and actions on political violence

Research on incidents of violence and conflict worldwide is informing strategy and policy to better allocate resources within conflict-affected states.

Earth Observation research enables use of satellite data to reduce impacts of wildfires

King’s College London’s research on Fire Radiative Power has enabled space agencies to adjust and develop satellites and instruments to better measure fires worldwide.

Transformative gas sensing technology in volcano monitoring

Geographers have developed novel techniques to monitor volcanic gases.

Empowering local communities to reduce health vulnerabilities after disasters

Research has identified strategies for risk reduction of infectious diseases that focus on affected communities’ vulnerabilities and capabilities.

Reducing the impact of flooding on society

The Flood Hazard Research Centre has pioneered research on flood loss assessment methodologies for over 30 years.

Enabling international land managers to mitigate water contamination risks from wildfires

Research has helped mitigate water contamination risks from wildfire ash. 

21CC - Resilience to climate change: who pays (and who benefits)?

The 21st Century Challenges programme of events (2015-2017) aimed to engage people with some of the biggest issues and key challenges facing the UK.

Europe's Migration Crisis?

This event explored questions around how the UK may adjust to high net migration and ensure the best possible outcomes for the UK’s economy, society and for migrants

A perfect storm ahead: food, water and energy security

This event explored the ‘perfect storm’ that may lie ahead, if a combination of food, water and energy shortages were to unleash public unrest and international conflict.

Navigating the perfect storm: international dimensions

This event explored the international challenge of food, water and energy security in the run up to the United Nations Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development

UK Flood risk management: policy recommendations

This 2016 policy briefing offers recommendations for flood management policy in the UK across a variety of domains.

Improving the effectiveness and safety of mine detection

Mapping the magnetic properties of soils across England and Wales has assisted the Ministry of Defence in creating specifications for new mine detectors.