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On this page you will find Key Stage Five worksheets for A level. All activities are focused on migration, diasporas and remittance sending during the Covid-19 pandemic. The worksheets draw on Connecting During Covid-19, a research project which explored the experiences of UK diasporas in 2020-2022.

We are delighted to have worked with Queen Mary University of London, SOAS University of London and University College London, with thanks to Anna Lindley, Elaine Chase, Kavita Datta and Laura Hammond for their help with the production of these resources. The support of Queen Mary University of London’s Policy Impact Grant and UKRI's Economic and Social Research Council (Grant ES/V015672/1) is gratefully acknowledged.

These 6 teaching resources are linked to the podcast Migrant Remittances and COVID-19 with Professor Kavita Datta and Dr Elaine Chase.

To learn more about migrant diasporas and remittances watch the Connecting During Covid animation, produced by PositiveNegatives.

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1. Migration and diasporas


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2. Remittances


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3. Pandemic


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4. Indian diaspora


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5. Somali diaspora


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6. Brazilian diaspora


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